A Clear Channel to God

Mark J. Janssen
4 min readMar 2, 2023

In an online spirituality meeting this morning a friend said she has to have a clear channel to God to be really alive. To get her spiritual channel unblocked she has to clear away all anger, any possible resentments, anything of any kind that might clog up her spiritual works. She needs to keep her spiritual and mental roto rooter going all the time to clear out anything that might come between her and God.

That’s it, isn’t it?

We have to get down to basics in our daily lives to be the miracles we are born to be.

It is a big deal if one of my fellow spiritual workers or I help lost souls through the Tunnel of Light. To us. For two seconds and then we’re on to the next job. It is important when we perform an exorcism to send demons back to hell. At that moment we’re like carpenters with our hammers, doing what we were trained to do. That is important. For about a minute. Then the next thing comes along. Or if we’re called in to help heal someone or do one of the many other things we do.

But keeping a clear channel to God? That is an all-day, all-night job for every moment of our lives. Nobody can begin to do the spiritual work we’re put on earth to do if we’re clogged up with petty anger or bitterness. Taking umbrage is a lot of fun, if you enjoy the feeling of high dudgeon. It’s even better letting go of those offences so that we can breathe again. Be free again. It’s that feeling of having a vise removed from around our chest. And the matching one from our head.

Who doesn’t wish that we didn’t have to deal with people or things that felt draining? Where is God at those times?

If we’re paying attention, that is the moment our angels are reminding us that we have free will. And doesn’t that just stink? Because we can’t blame another person for life being what it is. For the decisions we’ve made. We can’t blame God for giving all of humanity the capacity to make their own decisions.

We don’t like it when what someone does something we didn’t plan. That’s fine. However, neither they nor we are automatons. We’re all humans. We all have the capacity to choose to do good or ill.

It’s up to us to decide whether or not to keep open a clear channel to our Creator. We come into life with a clear channel. After that it’s up to us. We get to choose to listen. To have the audacity to stop our constant babbling and listen.

Or not.

Do you want the clear channel to God that you came into this life with? It’s yours’ for the asking. All we have to do is try to remember what we were like as children. How we adults can do things differently. Live differently. Go back to the beginning.

For example, I could be upset over the fame and wealth of another former monk. Instead, I think of Jay Shetty as being a younger English version of me. It’s fantastic that he’s doing the spiritual work he’s doing with people all around the world.

When I think of Jay Shetty, I also think of Doctor Love. Leo Buscaglia was the University of Southern California professor known for his talks on our need for love and positive physical contact. I was inspired by his television talks. One of the best days in my life was when I saw Leo Buscaglia in person. I heard him give a lecture and received one of his famous hugs.

Leo Buscaglia was, for me, someone who lived the concept of keeping open a clear channel of love. My prayer for Jay Shetty and all of the new generation of speakers is that they will be like Leo. I hope that the new generation will keep their spiritual roto rooters going. That they will have their clear channel to God. It’s the first and last steps in doing their work.

The total reverse from the Buscaglia’s and Shetty’s aren’t the hermits I’ve met. It’s the average man and woman on the street. They aren’t famous. They are continually engaged in clearing their channel to God. These men and women aren’t world famous. They are known in their worlds for the good they do. They sit down for a cup of coffee and really listen to what other people have to say. They are so diligent in clearing their channel to God that they become the face of God.

I look back at where I came from and where I’ve been in life when there’s something clogging up my spiritual pipes. It’s not a matter of asking myself what I’m doing. It’s uncovering what I have yet to do.



Mark J. Janssen

Mark Janssen is a Catholic Druid, mystic visionary and author who writes a weekly blog. His memoir “Reach for the Stars” is available online.