A Shift In Thinking

Mark J. Janssen
4 min readApr 21, 2022

The effects that occurred as a result of the sun flares on Easter this year could have upset anyone. They were similar to the effects of Mercury retrograde. People accidentally miscommunicate and machines go out of whack.

A few weeks ago I could have gone off the rails when Russian hackers attacked my computers. It’s the human thing to do.

That’s why it calls for a divine response. Rather than sharpening my knives, I turned the hackers over to God and the angels. Divine justice serves the forward motion of Creation better than human revenge.

I know that the Russian witches behind the hackers are using the dark arts. They are calling upon Satan and the powers of evil. Mere human forces cannot compete in that arena.

The angels, however, have been fighting that battle since before the Creation. They’ve got this one.

One must always take the long view.

Likewise, what’s the point of getting upset with somebody else over miscommunication when the sun flares affecting us? These things happen. Likely as not, it’s simply one of us says something that another person doesn’t hear as we intended. How many times have we survived explaining something another person more than once?

From the time we are children we find ourselves in situations where we have to shift our thinking. We may not be the fastest in the race. Or born with the privileges of someone else. Or the smartest kid in school. If we don’t figure out these things on our own, it’s likely someone enters our lives to teach us that it’s okay.

It’s okay because we each have something unique about us that makes us the best at being ourselves. Learning to make that shift in thinking gives us the ability to do more than survive.

We thrive.

It was my place to accept that I could not perform in sports as well as most. Later, I was told to accept that I was not to do physical things we consider normal parts of our everyday lives. Now I am older. Around me are people my age complaining about the aches and pains I learned to ignore years ago.

Every day we acknowledge that there are things we can’t do or was told not to do. Some things are not good for our health. We all learn that as children when our parents tell us not to play in traffic.

Because I am so very lucky, so incredibly blessed, I get to do and see what others tell me they cannot see and do.

We all have the opportunity to have a relationship with Creation. Mine allows me to participate in things most people tell me are beyond their abilities. My human side tells me that is impossible. I see all of the incredible things all of the rest of you do with your lives.

The spiritual side of me is reminded that not everyone the same active and ongoing relationship with their Creator. Not everyone sees and speaks with their Creator at any time, regardless of the circumstances. Not everyone sees angels everywhere. Always.

After a lifetime of hearing that nobody else sees God or the angels — so how possibly could I? — I had to make another shift in my thinking. I learned that there are indeed some other living persons who see God, the angels and sometimes both. Here and there. Planted around the globe.

Like leaves of grass, we get to grow where the Creator has planted us.

The best part of this for me is the gift of knowing regular people. Normal people. People who sometimes are fascinated with my spiritual gifts, sometimes repulsed. People who show and tell me what life is like for the average person.

Where once I simply could not comprehend people and was upset with their rejection, now I am fascinated. I want to know more. I want to observe more. I want to know what it is like that makes you the human you are.

Over the course of a lifetime the Voice of Creation has shown me that it is best for me to aim for an average day. Each and every day of my life. In each and every average day of my life there are miracles.

Parades and marching brass bands aren’t necessary. Being in the middle of a crowd or an actor in the action don’t enhance a miracle. Those are things. Places to be.

The shift from thinking we need something spectacular to discovering the enormity of simply living demands a shift in thinking. A change in being.

A willingness to walk away from the circus we may have thought life was supposed to be.

A shift to becoming the person whom we have always had the opportunity to be.



Mark J. Janssen

Mark Janssen is a Catholic Druid, mystic visionary and author who writes a weekly blog. His memoir “Reach for the Stars” is available online.