Bubbling Energies

Mark J. Janssen
4 min readFeb 23, 2023

Keep your eyes open. One day a spirituality/mysticism/psychic writer will say something about the way the world is heading. Five minutes later you’ll be reading someone with a totally different view who has exactly the same information. I keep an eye on my own thoughts and writings because of all of the different information coming to me at any given time.

A friend of mine who is quite brilliant at dealing with all of these conflicting energies keeps on going on with life and her spiritual work no matter what. Regardless of what she may hear or personally pick up from a roomful of psychics, she goes on as if no one else is there. She knows what her spiritual work is. Her tremendous focus keeps her dead-on with the business at hand. Or in a time we do not yet see.

She goes to the core of the matter. She digs for what is really going on beneath the surface. Someone in her life may be struck right out of the blue with an ailment no one can figure out. To the point that it almost kills that person and scares all the rest of us. Regardless of whether or not we have all of the facts laid out for us, spiritual healers will typically go ahead and get busy. We call in God and the angels. We do all of the work we can even if we haven’t precise information of the cause of the malady. Medical doctors who work only on the physical being need to know precisely where to aim. The fact of it is we really would appreciate it if God gave us a straight up clue what illness we’re dealing with. Even if we don’t have a complete reading on the illness, our job is to work to cure the whole person, body and soul.

It could be we are we dealing with a physical malady.

Or is there something upsetting the person’s spiritual life? I have seen the loss of a child, parent, spouse or friend utterly prostrate men and women who otherwise sail through anything.

At the time I was asked to work with one particular woman in Santa Fe I was caught me off guard. I looked at her soul. I looked at her guardian angel. What? I asked the angel. Look at her strength. What do you expect me to do?

The angel showed me the tens of thousands of places where she’d been fractured and broken by her son’s suicide.

But he’s standing right there! I almost screamed out loud in frustration.

Her guardian angel looked at me ever so gently. Yes, we know that. Her son, his guardian angel and your guardian angel know it. So do all of the angels who are here to support and work with you. But neither she nor her husband know that. The friend who asked you to help her doesn’t know that. He only knows that he’s supposed to ask you to listen to her pain. He has no idea he’s doing what we asked him to do. He only knows it’s the right thing to do.

My friend listened to the inner voice speaking to him. The voice in each of our souls that tries to point our energies to where there needed most. He has so much spiritual energy that it is like watching a spring continually bubbling and flowing over.

Because of my friend, I sat a long time with his woman friend. I heard her pain and showed her the tremendous inner strength she had forgotten she had.

By the end of our meeting the woman still had no idea her son was present. What she knew was that he was fine where he was. He was no longer on this physical plane. He was past the years of psychological torment from which he had long suffered. He had gone Home.

He had gone on. New energies, happier and even joyful spiritual energies had found him when he passed along from his physical life to his new life.

Which is why, when I think of people like him, I see the beauty of great bubbling spiritual energies flowing in and out of us. When I think of my spiritual worker friend who presses on no matter how negative may be outside energies, I see those beautiful bubbling spiritual energies flowing in and out of us.

We’re in a year of solar flares. The flares affect both physical and mechanical beings. That means that the tremendous blasts of energies given off by the sun in any given solar storm, any flare, can and does affect our physical being. It affects the moon, the tides (meaning the flow of blood throughout our bodies) as well as the plant and animal life of the surrounding planets. It affects our machinery. Everything from computers to cars to can openers can tilt off kilter. We just have no clue what can come next.

Whatever has been, whatever may be, without fail we are surrounded and supported by grace and beauty. We can bathe in the beauty of those bubbling energies for all eternity.



Mark J. Janssen

Mark Janssen is a Catholic Druid, mystic visionary and author who writes a weekly blog. His memoir “Reach for the Stars” is available online.