Digging In

Mark J. Janssen
4 min readMay 4, 2023

In modern spirituality it’s common to read or hear about how we need to dig deeper. To delve ever deeper into the mysteries of the life of the spirit. We’re challenged to dig deeper into our own souls. To give a long hard gimlet-eyed look at who we are, where we’ve come from and where we hope to go.

Coming from mining country, it makes sense to me to have to dig deeper. To go beneath the surface into the dark unknown for solutions.

With the spiritual work I do it’s important to maintain a healthy sense of self. A vital part of mysticism is having an honest knowledge of who we are. If I am to do my work — to send souls through the Tunnel of Light, to help souls and bodies heal, to battle demons — then I am obliged to recognize my need to genuinely know who I am. To know my own soul.

Digging down to uncover the true facts of my spiritual life, I am not who others say I am. Nor am I what they tell me I am supposed to be. Maybe they think I’m a wild-eyed kook. I have been told that I’m unbalanced. What I know and say about life — spiritual and, as a result, physical — does not meet others’ expectations of how humans in the twenty-first century are supposed to be.

My experience is that most people shut out what I have always seen. By saying most people I would include at least ninety-five percent of humankind. One generation after another people are taught not to see what I have always seen.

Dig in. Look at yourself. Think about the friend you had as a toddler that only you could see. The one you were eventually persuaded to dismiss as mere childhood fantasy.

The reality is that it was your friend is your guardian angel. Your angel has not been dismissed. They tell me they are still at work behind the scenes. They are waiting for the time when you dig down deeply enough into your soul to recognize them again.

It takes courage to have the willingness to speak to your guardian angel. I’ve had people ask if their guardian angels are really there. Yes, I assure them, your angels are present. As are many other angels who help your guardian angel help you. People also ask me their angels names. I cannot help them with that. However, they can ask. They can ask over and over again until they hear the answer. The problem in hearing an angel speak is that they are quiet and we’ve grown loud in blocking them out. Just sitting and daydreaming or asking before we go to sleep is a great way to get an answer.

Digging into spirituality is not necessarily going to give a person their desired answers. If I have a predetermined solution to my inquiry and I don’t get it, I have to adjust to my new reality. As do we all.

There have been times when I have walked into a church and knew that it was built on the site of an earlier religious or spiritual structure. There are places around America where archeologists have found churches built over Native religious structures. Similarly, the cathedral of St. Stephen in Paris was located directly in front of Notre-Dame cathedral. Excavations have found a Roman foundation beneath what remains of St. Stephen. From what I detected by being inside Notre-Dame and in the plaza where St. Stephen previously stood was that there were several pre-Roman structures before the Romans ever set foot in Paris.

It’s a feeling. It’s a nuance. It’s a God shot. It’s listening to what my guardian and the angels there had to say to me. The caution to be aware of my surroundings.

Just as when I had stood in San Miguel Church in Santa Fe, NM, several years earlier, looked down at the open archeological dig near the sanctuary, and realized there was more going on than just a few centuries of kivas built beneath the current church built in 1610.

I don’t have to dig very deep to learn that previous civilizations have chosen those and other sites for their spiritual significance. Being a person who sees what cannot be seen and hears what cannot be heard, the angels and spirits in the area tell me what I need to know.

There have been times when I have been told to dig deep into my spiritual reservoir. To mine it for more to come. It’s not always what we think of as good. Sometimes, it’s inescapably evil.

I have gone to different places to pray, houses of worship and otherwise. At almost the exact moment I am settling in, feeling like I am about to connect with some part of the sacred previously unknown, I hear loud noises. Voices speak into my ears telling me to pull back. Pull up. Redirect my thoughts.

It’s time to work.

That’s fine when it’s something I think is good, like praying for a friend or their family. I love working for a positive cause.

Then there have been the times when I have sat in a house of worship and been told to perform an exorcism. There. Then. As I am sitting in place.

I do, but it’s incredibly disturbing. My sense of the quiet and stillness of the time and place is stolen. I have sat in churches working for almost the entire length of a service sending away demons and evil spirits. Putting them through the Tunnel and watching as they fell.

It takes a lot of digging deep into the center of my spiritual life to do that. But we do what we do in our lives because it’s the right thing to do.

We dig down deep.

We listen to our inner God.

We move forward.



Mark J. Janssen

Mark Janssen is a Catholic Druid, mystic visionary and author who writes a weekly blog. His memoir “Reach for the Stars” is available online.