Energy Fields

Mark J. Janssen
4 min readApr 20, 2023


My not-so-elegant idea of an energy field originated with what the ordinary person knew in the middle twentieth century. Oil fields in Texas and Arabia were our ideas of energy fields. That became more elegant with high school science classes. We learned how gas runs automobile, truck and tractor engines. We further learned how gas and oil, like wood and coal, heated and lit our homes. The whole concept of electricity coming in trucks and pipelines from distant places was a real eye opener.

In the 1960’s NASA came into our lives.

Regardless of what we thought we knew, the Gemini and Apollo space missions blew right past what humans had achieved so far with airplane and rocket technology. Nuclear energy work added to the mystery of NASA’s work. Great destruction had come from the original use of nuclear energy. That turned around as it became a part of regular nuclear energy and other scientific use.

Energy sent rockets into space, even to the moon. I often think of how tremendously excited the adults of my childhood would be if they could see the space program being reborn. Of the human energy being put into enlarging our horizons.

We have known for eons about other kinds of energies, too.

Movies, television shows and books about witches, warlocks, vampires and werewolves have abounded since the last half of the twentieth century. For those who find them exciting, great. I’m sorry, but they’ve never really caught on with me. Maybe because I grew up with a cemetery out the back door. Maybe because I saw the souls of the former inhabitants of that area and other places I visited.

The most extreme example I can think of is being in Manhattan on a hot summer morning in the 1960’s. I had never been there before. No one had prepared me for the crush of humans and spirits of all times and races. I had yet to learn the spiritual defenses necessary to protect myself, then a young boy, from everything that was invading my life. I was overwhelmed.

For years to come my parents spoke about how much how I fell in love with the mountains of Pennsylvania on the ride back to the Upper Midwest. Of course, I did! It was so freeing to be out of the large Eastern cities with their endless pressing parades of souls, the minority of them with human bodies still attached.

By the time I moved to the East Coast as an adult I was more prepared for the spirits, if not so much for the humans. However, I knew long before that time that I would never be fully prepared for the ways of humans.

Living in New England in the 1980’s and 1990’s I began to hear about the myths and legends of the Southwest. There were many stories of the different known Native tribes that have lived there over the millennia.

There were also stories not told. It was clear when people were skirting around what they knew. They were betrayed by their fear.

Stories were told of Navajo shamans and witches. The shamans are healers. They are men (usually) and women whose job is to heal the minds, souls and bodies of the sick. In every culture the only difference is in how healing takes place, not in whether it occurs.

Some witches seek power and revenge. They descend from healers and spiritual guides into evil. They join the secret group known as Skinwalkers. Skinwalkers are not unique to the Navajo. The Ute, Hopi and Pueblo tribes all have their own versions of Skinwalkers.

I was told never to discuss them, especially with Natives. Never to ask about them. To behave as if they do not exist.

Wherever I am in this world, including any time I travel, I make myself known to the spirit world. I have spent a lifetime in the presence of God and surrounded by angels. I knew then, as I do at this moment, that I am protected. Normal people — most of you who will read this — stay away from the dark spirits at all cost. I live in the middle of the support of the Creator and angels. Dark spirits avoid me.

There was a day about a decade ago when my husband and I flew into New Mexico. We were driving through one reservation after another on our way to stay with a friend on the Navajo reservation. It had begun to sprinkle when we were driving out of Albuquerque. The rain became blinding sheets of water the further we drove from town.

I kept driving. As we were preparing to drive a long curving stretch, tall figures suddenly appeared running on either side of the car. My husband had fallen asleep. I couldn’t very well ask him what was running beside us. I looked at them, one after the other. They leaned down to look into the car at me. I locked eyes with each of them and told them to go to hell.

They disappeared instantly.

I had committed an almost unforgivable sin in Native lore. I had purposely looked into the eyes of Skinwalkers. Looking into the eyes of Skinwalkers can cause them to take over our minds and souls. I gave them commands to go away. They obeyed.

I wasn’t done with them yet. Not by a long measure.

Early the next morning I went out into the predawn dark for spiritual work. Our friend had chosen to accompany me. I positioned her behind me. Before me stood her mother in a long white robe. She was accompanied by countless prior generations of the witches in their family. They worked for quite some time to clear the worst of the evil spirits from the Southwest.

Later, inside my friend’s house, I told her it would be a generation or two until the locals began to feel any effects of the spiritual work we had performed with her family, friends and countless angels.

So much spiritual damage has been done over millennia upon our earth. We get to blast through the evil of energy which damages Earth’s inhabitants.

Wear your golden soul.

Be the positive energy your world needs.



Mark J. Janssen

Mark Janssen is a Catholic Druid, mystic visionary and author who writes a weekly blog. His memoir “Reach for the Stars” is available online.