Getting Stuff Done

Mark J. Janssen
4 min readFeb 22, 2024
Angel by Ronda Del Boccio

This morning my multi-talented friend Ronda Del Boccio gave me two gifts. One is the stunning picture of the angel in blue above. The other was the information that an online artists’ group to which she belongs has something they call GSD sessions. They are similar to university lab sessions. A group of students gets together online with their version of a lab assistant who helps them with their artwork. Isn’t that brilliant?

For this article I have renamed the sessions Getting Stuff Done. Ronda told me they actually use a different noun for the second word. An earthier varietal more akin to what Harry Truman might have said.

Regardless of what those sessions are called, that is precisely what this life is. Life is one great big Getting Stuff Done session.

I have known since childhood why I am alive, the stuff I am here to do. I don’t approve, but I do understand. I am very knowledgeable of the facts. The same is true of many of us around the world who anyone with an ounce of common sense would say fit in like a duck out of water. That pretty much sums us up. We look normal, but we think and act in ways that have absolutely nothing to do with how the ordinary human being operates in this world.

I watch people who are half my age or less. Like me they appear to be swimming around the outside of the life’s pond while everybody else is merrily sticking to the middle. Some of them actually do a great job of appearing to fit into society. Others of us are like a black swan in the flock. We are screamingly different. That’s okay. We know it and we take advantage of it.

I am in this life to get spiritual things done. Not the tasks I carried out in the jobs I held in the business world for decades. They were a distraction from my actual work. I called them my insurance jobs because they paid the rent, the car loan, the health insurance and all of the other things we expect to pay for in this life. They also paid for my retirement pension and health care, known in America as Social Security and Medicare.

I was given an assignment by God. Not one I care for, thank you. Nor is it one of which I particularly approve. That does not seem to be of much interest to the Deity as long as I get the job done.



Mark J. Janssen

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