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Mark J. Janssen
4 min readFeb 10, 2022


I find it absolutely brilliant when someone I am speaking with or who reads something I’ve written has questions. It isn’t always easy to answer them. Mostly because I have been me and done what I do for so long that I forget the answers.

Spiritual work is my first nature. Living in and accepting the gifts I am given daily by God isn’t always so easy. My human nature rebels against the idea that I am in any way different from anybody else in the world. But I have had a lifetime of hearing and observing that, in spiritual work, I am different.

One of the first and easiest questions to answer is why I call God It.

Simply, I learned it from the ancient Greeks. It’s so long ago that I no longer recall when or where I read it, but the Greeks of two thousand years ago were somewhat baffled by Jewish Christians. There are Greek gods similar to the Christian Father and Son, but there was nothing in their major pantheon similar to the Christian concept of the Holy Spirit.

Then some smart person remembered a god which was neither male nor female. A genderless god they referred to as It. Unlike all of the others who were female or male.

That concept struck me as totally brilliant and fitting to an age where there is so much discussion about gender and spirituality. I simplified my life. Let somebody else get all up in their head over whether God is male or female. God or Goddess. I’m sticking with the ancient Greeks.

This fits very closely with another fact of my life. Whenever I look at the work so many others before, beside and after me have done and will do, I do not see psychics.

I see spirited people doing spiritual work.

I think of myself as a mystic. Someone who uses prayer and meditation to unite himself with the Divine. The point of my life is divinization, union with the Divine.

There is another side to this, too. I am a mystic with a twist. While there is more spiritual work to be done than I can ever hope to get a decent crack at, God has been in my life since the beginning.

I can never remember a time when I could not see and communicate with God.

It can be disconcerting. You know that feeling that somebody is barging in when you feel frazzled? You just need some time to pull yourself together? To compose yourself?

Guess Who has never given me that break?

When I’ve been asked why I am sometimes inexplicably out of sorts — downright grumpy — it’s because I’ve wanted to do crazy things that didn’t happen. Crazy things like close my eyes for a couple minutes and breathe. Maybe even have the opportunity to doze off.

Read and listen to music.

Go for a quiet walk by myself. Something I have never done with all of the angels in my life.

Another question people ask is what makes me think I see and speak with angels. Like the ones who accompany me everywhere.

What makes you think you don’t?

God always uses angels to directly communicate with us. It also uses angels to communicate with us by communicating with people around us. Regardless how holy or mystical we may presume someone to be, each of has our personal stumbling blocks. Mine are like standing at the bottom of a canyon looking up.

How will I ever cope with this?

Someone somewhere says something. Writes something. A light goes on in my head. An answer to another problem has been provided.

Closely related is the question what makes me think I see souls and spirits. I see them because, like God and the angels, they have always been in my life. They run the gamut. I see holy souls who show up to assist me. I see souls of the dead who work with demons. As well as seeing Satan and other demons.

Souls of good people who have led good lives are wonderful. I love it when we run into each other. Including the times when I see them still on earth when they could easily have gone Home. That is a near daily occurrence. Then I ask why they don’t go Home and say goodbye as their guardian angels and others guide them through the Tunnel of Light.

Avoid demons and souls who chose evil. Satan is a lot less interesting than he is cracked up to be. The best thing for any human when they feel they are in the presence of evil is to turn around and leave.


You deserve better than that.

Part of my work is to help devils leave this world. To leave humans in peace. Putting them through the Tunnel to drop into hell is more difficult than sending good souls to heaven.

Good souls realize they are going someplace incredible as soon as they see the Tunnel.

Demons and evil souls know where they are going. They fight to remain on earth and continue to cause trouble.

Question yourself. Look for ways to communicate with the good inside yourself. Accept yourself as worthy of good things.

Answer your questions by saying Yes to life.



Mark J. Janssen

Mark Janssen is a Catholic Druid, mystic visionary and author who writes a weekly blog. His memoir “Reach for the Stars” is available online.