The Day Meditation Became an Exorcism

Mark J. Janssen
4 min readOct 31, 2023

The morning of October 27, 2023, I sat down for my morning meditation, a silent period I have grown to love and appreciate over the last fifty years. Without warning, my meditation immediately turned into an exorcism.

I have previously found myself performing exorcisms or other spiritual work during a meditation or prayer period, but it was never anything like this.

I was in a trance. In that trance I was in an apartment overlooking New York City’s Central Park. Even stranger, to me, was that I was on a date with some man. That part was especially strange since I have been happily married for quite some time. I seemed to know him well. In my trance we had known each other for a long time and were dating. We were in his apartment. At various times during the trance it seemed like there was a crowd behind us in his apartment as we stood at the doors to his balcony or just outside on the balcony. There was a celebration of some sort, a party.

As I overlooked the park I saw tiny lights everywhere across Manhattan, the other boroughs and across the river in New Jersey. The lights came towards me. They were not lights in the sense that we think of an electric light bulb or a distant star.

The lights were souls. They came from everywhere and every time across the ages. They were souls who had lived in New York long before there were Europeans or the Native American Indian tribes who greeted them. They went back to the original natives who came to the Americas hundreds of thousands of years ago.

They were souls who had never gone Home. The souls were looking for a way to leave earth for Home. Aware that I was there, they rose up from the depths of the earth. They came out of buildings and trees. They rose up to meet me.

I sent the man back inside the apartment telling him what I always tell people when I am about to work. Stay at least ten feet behind me and keep everybody else further back. Otherwise you could lose your soul and end up in hell.

Apparently, the man had been around me prior times when I worked. All I had to do was tell him to get back and he immediately went into action. The apartment behind me fell silent as he told the others to stay back. I momentarily felt eyes on my back. Then I was too busy to notice or care. I was literally out of this world.

I opened the gates of the Tunnel of Light over Central Park. The lights disappeared over a…



Mark J. Janssen

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