The Magic Wand

Mark J. Janssen
4 min readApr 27, 2023


An article I was reading on one person’s website led me to exploring another person’s website which led to reading yet a third website. As I followed the path from the first site to the second site to the third site it became ever more clear that something unexpected was going on here. Whatever I had begun to think I would uncover in switching from the first to the second websites metamorphosed into ideas entirely unexpected. In reading the second website unforeseen concepts came forward. Where to learn more about them? By going to the third website.

I read about people with whom I share the love of our mysticism. We experience our mysticism in entirely different expressions. Thank goodness we express our lives differently. What they teach me from their discoveries of the divine in the dailiness of life challenges me. They wave the magic wand of spiritual daring over my soul.

Each day we live the joy of letting go of ourselves. We live in ways the world says we ought not. We reach out by reaching in.

In a world where we’re told to ask for help from our Creator when we start or day or when life has gone awry, I say thank you. Somehow I just got into the habit of starting my day saying thank you rather than asking for help. When life goes awry, rather than asking for relief I tend to ask my Creator three little words.

“Are you kidding?”

I am not a magic wand kind of guy. I have been in stores that sold them. Upon request I have even bought them for other people. While to me they are only pieces of plastic and resin (very rarely carved from stone, bone or fine wood), some people tell me it helps them to focus their energies. I tell them coffee does the same for me.

In observing other people in action who are not mystics, it’s clear that they have the perception that if they use whatever their magic wand is, then everything in their world will go right. Relationships will flourish. Buckets of cash flow. Whatever it is they want will come to pass. Their thinking is much like watching an old movie where a magician waves his wand and everything falls into place.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that isn’t true?

When I speak about telling demons, evil spirits or Skinwalkers to go away, to go to hell, I am not waving a magic wand. I’m waving my God wand. The one the Creator gives me when I’m told to remove an entity or group of entities from this earth. Why? Because God’s done with them. Whatever reason they were here to teach us has ended. It’s time for them to go away. To leave humans alone so that we may progress.

Something similar is true whenever it’s time for any human to let go of something which has held back their growth. At the time that we give ourselves permission to grow, whatever negativity has held us back is removed from this life. We can use our God wand to remove the blight from our lives. The negativity can return, but only if we call it back.

Let it go.

Close the door and lock it.

Better than letting go of the negativity in our lives is choosing to increase our spiritual positivity.

This is where our magic God wand comes into play. The question is simple. Do you recognize your magic God wand? Do you see the thing you have always possessed that makes your special spiritual magic possible?

If you can’t see it, go stand in front of a mirror. There you are.

God makes His spiritual magic. You are what makes God’s spiritual magic happen. Without you to bring positive spirituality to life, nothing good can take place. You have to be willing to personally become that bright shiny object in God’s hands. You are the candles burning on top of the cake. You light up the Empire State Building. You are the spring waters bursting over Niagara.

Use your spiritual God wand to deepen your ties to all that is eternal. Use it to heal your soul. There are things we all want in this world. I would love it if I could wave a magic wand and meals would magically appear. Something even better was given to me. I was given the ability to cook. There are days when it may only be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but even that is a miracle.

We may want something, but our God wands give us more and better than we could want. They give us what we need.

The good in your life truly is all about you being the wide open door where light comes in.

Think about what another person who is in pain honestly needs. Pull out your magic God wand, your spiritual assistance, and pass along the gifts you have been given.



Mark J. Janssen

Mark Janssen is a Catholic Druid, mystic visionary and author who writes a weekly blog. His memoir “Reach for the Stars” is available online.