The Miracle of Spiritual Electricity

Mark J. Janssen
4 min readJul 6, 2023


Yesterday my dogs were walking me in a local park. We met up with a minister and his young dog who were likewise out for their daily constitutional.

In the course of conversation we discussed the work we do. He and his spouse are both traditional Christian ministers. I told him my spouse is a Cherokee shaman and I am a druid by birth who does whatever spiritual work the Creator presents me.

In reply to his questions, I told him I do things like exorcisms and healings. That sort of stuff. Then I gave him an example of a healing in which I had taken part. He was fascinated. It is his belief that the ordinary person on the street has almost no concept of what it means to be a healer or what healing is.

In the first place, the term “healer” itself is vague and not altogether accurate. It suggests that a person heals other people of one’s own will and volition. Not so. The very notion is absurd.

Healing requires faith in the Creator. Just in general. We must believe and know deep inside ourselves of our Creator. There can be nothing vague about it. Nothing is left to chance when all of life revolves around a Creator beyond our creating. The reason why is really terribly simple.

The Creator is the original source of all power. You want to be healed of something? It takes a shot of God power.

Prayer and meditation are absolutely necessary to connect with our Creator, ourselves and each other. When we combine prayer and meditation we loosen up. Doubts and fears can be left behind. Our minds, hearts and souls must be flexible. We must be open to the unlikely and improbable. We must surrender to a Spirit greater than ourselves. In the same way it takes tools to fix a broken kitchen sink, it takes tools to fix a broken spirit and body.

There are sayings about what can and cannot heal broken hearts, spirits and bodies. Part of healing someone whose spirit or body is broken is willingness on the part of the person being healed. Nobody is going to do anything for anybody without their consent.

I have worked on people in comas. I do my part in their healing, but I am only the conduit. Without their willingness and desire — conscious or unconscious — no one can heal. I know I can communicate with people in comas. I believed long before I had ever done it. I knew then as I know now because I had been in a coma. In that instance it was not the will or the work of another that brought me back to life. It was the Creator kicking me out of heaven.

God can be so annoying.

It’s time to move up the scale from talking about the human side of healing to talking about the God side.

One of the easiest ways of discussing healing is to think of a desk lamp. Plug the lamp into the electric socket in the wall.

The electricity is God.

The electric cord is the human used to carry healing power from the Creator to the human who needs it.

When the light goes on, the power has gotten through.

Let’s not fool ourselves. It takes loads of work. For physical healings of people who were sick, in comas or dying, I did my part. Period. But it was also the love and care of their family and friends, the long hours of medical care, and people unseen praying that helped the person recover.

I firmly believe God has one deaf ear and is hard of hearing in the other. When you pray, shout! I do. I do it when I’m working to carry the God current to someone. I also shout to God for any other reason on any average day of the week. I want to make sure that, even though no sound ever comes out of my mouth that another human can hear I am getting through to the Creator.

The pain in the human soul can be far more difficult to help heal than the body. Sadness, depression, the loss of someone dearly loved or of a way of living are among the many ways in which cracks appear in the soul. Sometimes the heart breaks and the soul begins to crack. By the time the healer/conduit hears that the Creator’s extraordinary assistance is needed, it may seem too late.

I am one of the lucky ones. Every time I have been called in to sit with and listen to another person in great pain, I have been given the gift of being a conduit. Completely without my direction, the Creator got through to that person. They were given the gifts they needed.

It’s a strange and wonderful gift to see life move forward, to have a ringside seat, as the human race continues to move forward.



Mark J. Janssen

Mark Janssen is a Catholic Druid, mystic visionary and author who writes a weekly blog. His memoir “Reach for the Stars” is available online.